My fiance may not be my soul mate yet.. but he will be.

A few weeks ago, with only four months to go until my own wedding, I came across My husband is not my soul mate over on The Art in Life.  My fiance may not be my soul mate yet.. but he will be.

Sand hearts

The traditional concept of soul mates has always seemed wrong to me.  I do not subscribe to the idea that there is one perfect person out there for me that will somehow ‘complete me’. I think so many marriages struggle because one or both parties expect their partner to fill a gap in their lives that no mere human can ever fill.

I do not believe that my wonderful fiance is the only man out of the 3.5 billion or so on this earth that I could have fallen in love with.  We are not where we are today because we were soul mates — timing, luck, mutual attraction, and a commitment to growing our relationship let us fall in love and build a life together.  As our marriage grows and prospers, it will not be because we are soul mates and all our problems are therefore irrelevant.  True love takes a lifetime of hard work.

If you glue two thin pieces of paper together and pull them apart right away, both papers are still intact. 

If the glue is partially dried, the papers will have some damage when pulled apart but are still separate papers. 

Once the glue is dried, however, you can never again have two separate papers. 

A lifetime of love gluing us together is what will make us soul mates.  Our glue has already started to dry, and even now, separating us would damage us both.  A lifetime of shared experiences of joys intensified and sorrows made easier to bear by one another fuses two hearts and souls together to become soul mates in the purest and most wonderful sense of the term.

What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.

KJV, Mark 10:9


What do you think?  Is your spouse your soul mate?


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2 thoughts on “My fiance may not be my soul mate yet.. but he will be.

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